Salsa rueda

Salsa Rueda

Salsa Rueda Moves & Explanations. In this Article, we will explain what is Salsa Rueda (Also Called Rueda de Casino). We will also go through some common Rueda de casino names and video explaining them. We will finish by talking about what type of dance shoes & dance heels you need to dance Salsa Rueda!

What Is Salsa Rueda?

Salsa rueda, also referred to as rueda de casino, is a salsa dance style that originated in Cuba. Salsa Dancers form a big circle and execute some Cuban Salsa dance moves & pattern in unison to the calls of the leader.But before getting further into Rueda de Casino and Salsa Rueda Moves, lets see why it is called that way!

What Does Rueda mean?

Salsa Rueda 1

In Spanish, Rueda means Wheel. In our situation, we are talking about the salsa wheel or the wheel of salsa. The wheel represent the big circle that salsa dancers forms.

Rueda = Wheels

Salsa Rueda = Wheels Of Salsa

why do we call it Rueda de Casino? What Does Casino mean?

Cuban Salsa is not called Cuban salsa in Cuba. Instead, Cubans, Cubanos and Cubana will call  it Casino.

Casino = Salsa / Cuban Salsa

Bailando  Casino = Dancing Salsa / Dancing Cuban Salsa

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So What Is rueda de casino?

Salsa rueda

Rueda de Casino is the same thing as Salsa Rueda. It is a number of salsa dancers forming a big circle dancing cuban salsa together following the calls of the leader.

Rueda = Wheel

Casino = Salsa

Rueda de Casino =  Wheel of Salsa

How do you dance Rueda de Casino?

You dance Rueda de Casino the same way as you would dance Cuban Salsa ( also called Casino). You use the same Cuban salsa Basic Step and basics cuban salsa moves (which you can review here with our Cuban Salsa Basic Step) .

The only difference is that instead of you being the leader and deciding which one will be the next salsa dancing move, the wider, or cantante will decide the next step for the whole group of salsa dancer. You will still however have  the responsibility to lead your partner the move that the leader called.

Are rueda de casino moves universals?

Short answer: Some very basic one are universals. However steps can slightly vary depending on your teacher. But overall, if you know them, you will be able to follow in a rueda and keep the timing.

However, there is also many Salsa Rueda moves that are not universals. Indeed, each group  of dancers  will elaborate  their own Salsa Rueda  dancing moves. Then you will have no choice  than copying it  on  the spot and try to keep up  with the rest of the group!

What Are the universals or standards Salsa Rueda moves names?

Here is a list of some standards Salsa Rueda moves names:

  • Ariba (Close position walking forward in the rueda)
  • Abajo (close position, walking backward)
  • Paseala (girl walking side to side to leader in close position)
  • Paseala abajo / arriba
  • Sacala (Girl walk to centre of rueda before coming back in close position with leader)
  • Sacala doble (sácala twice)
  • Dile Que No
  • Enchufla
  • Enchúfela Doble (Enchúfela twice)
  • Setenta
  • Setenta Complicado
Rueda de casino salsa rueda
  • La Prima
  • La hermana
  • La Familia
  • Vacilala y Adios
  • Dame
  • Dame con uno
  • Damce con dos
  • Dame dos
  • Dos Con dos
  • Enchufla con rumba
  • Enchufla con meneo
  • Sombrero
  • Un Fly
  • Medio
  • Enchufla centro

Salsa Rueda Moves

  • Guapea – salsa rueda basic step
  • Camina – walk in a circle
  • Suena – everybody stomps
  • Una bulla or con bulla – stomp and shout – A loud yell on 5,6,7
  • Un fly – jump in the air and clap

Rueda de Casino Dance | Salsa Rueda Dance

In this video, we did start with a bit of salsa suelta before forming the Salsa Rueda!

Learn more about salsa suelta and Cuban son Suelta

benefits of learning and dancing Rueda de Casino and Salsa Rueda?

There is 4 main aspect of Salsa Rueda dance and Rueda de Casino:

  • Social Aspect: You will dance with all the girls many time during the song. But you will also  be connected to all the leaders by watching each others and dancing together, executing the complex moves and figures called by the leader
  • Impressive Performance aspect: IN salsa rueda (and Rueda De Casino), the leader can create extremely impressive pattern and move using the whole group of dancers. The high pace of the Cuban songs and Cuban music will also help creating the wouah factor!
  • Convivial aspect with some rueda flashmob: The standardized Salsa Rueda dance moves in salsa rueda make it simple to coordinate a flashmob. There is no more need to memorize a lengthy choreography in advance.

It can then:

  1. Physical exercise: Rueda de Casino is a high-energy dance that can provide a great cardiovascular workout and help improve your overall physical fitness.

  2. Socialization: Dancing Rueda de Casino is a social activity that can help you meet new people, make friends, and build a sense of community.

  3. Coordination and balance: Rueda de Casino involves complex turn patterns and footwork, which can help improve your coordination and balance.

  4. Stress relief: Dancing is a great way to reduce stress and improve your mood, and Rueda de Casino is no exception.

  5. Cultural enrichment: Rueda de Casino is deeply rooted in Cuban culture and history, so learning this dance can provide a unique opportunity to learn about and appreciate a different culture.

  6. Improved confidence: As you become more comfortable with Rueda de Casino, you may find that your confidence on the dance floor and in social situations improves as well.

Can I dance Salsa Rueda if I am a Senior?

There is no age limit to dance salsa. We actually have seniors dance classes available.

But don’t just take our word for it. And Check Rueda de Los Fundadores. This Rueda is danced on a slower salsa music with salsa dancers over 50!

#1 Best dance classes for seniors near me | How to prepare for your first salsa bachata class

#1 Best dance classes for seniors near me | What to prepare for your very first Salsa Class

#1 Best dance classes for seniors near me | Getting ready for your first latin lesson

Do you have any recommendations or tips to be a better salsa dancer?

We actually wrote a full article about How to be a better salsa dancer.

Alternatively, check  our video !

Read more about Latin dance & Latin Dancing Here.

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