What Is Caribbean Zouk Dance?

what is caribbean zouk dance

What Is Caribbean Zouk Dance?

What Is Caribbean Zouk Dance?

It is a dance from French Antilles that was created early 1980’s and have been extremely popular in Africa and Europe.It is danced closer than Kizomba, and there is not as many dance moves. This is again about connection!

What is Caribbean Zouk?

The French Antillean band Kassav’ created the musical movement zouk in the early 1980s.

It originated when Pierre-Edouard Décimus & Jacob Desvarieux decided to mix Mizi zouk (which include Haitian Compas and Cadence) with more contemporary and studio-produced songs.

It quickly where extremely popular in French Antilles and the Caribbean island ( Martinique, Guadaloupe, Saint Lucia, Dominicana and Haiti). The French Antillean Creole term zouk was first used on the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique to refer to nightlong dance parties.

Zouk music influenced many countries in Africa, and is at the origin of the creation of Kizomba music, by mixing Zouk music and Angolan’s Semba music.

What Is Caribbean Zouk Dance? 1

What Is Caribbean Zouk Dance?

Caribbean Zouk is a very close partner dance that has grown in popularity and often danced in Afro Latin Dance parties. It involves a lot of hips movements in a very close position, making it extremely suitable to float and seduce your partner.

If you feel a good connection with your partner, then dancers usually start dancing Zouk Love.

This usually bring another extra level of intimacy in your dance !

Caribbean Zouk songs for Caribbean Zouk Dance | Caribbean Zouk Music

Here is a list of selections of our favourite Zouk songs:

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We hope you enjoyed our little introductory article about what is Caribbean zouk dance . Let us know in the comments if you want more about  What is Caribbean zouk dance and How to dance it!

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