wedding Dance Gold Coast

wedding dance Gold Coast

wedding Dance Gold Coast

Wedding Dance Gold Coast – Testimonials & Wedding dance videos from our Wedding dance couples! Hope you guys like it !

Wedding Dance Gold Coast Videos

Wedding Dance Gold Coast Testimonials

Check out this beautiful testimonial from Sara and Callum, who got married 18.11.2022 & took wedding dance lessons with us!

Sara and Callum were an absolute pleasure to teach – they were committed, enthusiastic, and so much fun to work with. And their dedication paid off BIG TIME!

The dance was amazing, and the joy on their faces was infectious! We know that their guests will be talking about it for years to come, and we certainly won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.

Congratulations again to Sara and Callum on an incredible first dance and a beautiful wedding. We were honoured to be a part of it!

If you’re getting married soon and want to wow your guests with a beautiful first dance, we can help! Contact us to schedule your wedding dance lessons today and create magical memories that will last forever!

Wedding Dance Gold Coast | Wedding Dance Lessons

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Are you planning your dream wedding on the Gold Coast? If so, it’s important to start thinking about your first dance as a married couple. This is a special moment that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives, so why not make it truly unforgettable with a little help from the experts?

Meet Clement and Mimi, the dynamic duo who will be teaching you everything you need to know about your first wedding dance. We have over 15+ years of dance experience and more than 5 years of experience helping couples just like you create beautiful and memorable dances that perfectly capture the love and joy of their special day.

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Wedding Dance Gold Coast Requirements

So, what do you need to get started? First and foremost, you’ll need a great attitude and a willingness to learn. Even if you’ve never danced before, we will guide you through every step of the process with patience, enthusiasm, and a sense of humor.

You’ll also need to choose a song that has special meaning to you and your partner. This could be a classic love ballad, a romantic tune from your favorite movie, or even a fun and upbeat pop song that gets your toes tapping.

Once you’ve chosen your song, it’s time to start practicing! We will work with you to create a personalized dance that fits your style and abilities. We’ll teach you the steps, help you perfect your form, and ensure that you feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor.

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Wedding Dance Gold Coast: Tips to choose the perfect song!

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Your first dance as a married couple is a special moment that you’ll remember forever. Choosing the right song can make all the difference in creating a memorable experience that perfectly reflects your personalities, style, and relationship. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect song for your first dance:

  • Consider your favorite music genres: Think about the music that you and your partner love to listen to. Do you both enjoy upbeat pop songs or slow ballads? This can give you a good starting point when selecting your first dance song.
  • Think about the lyrics: The lyrics of a song can have a powerful impact on the emotions you and your guests experience during your first dance. Look for songs that have meaningful lyrics that speak to your relationship and love for each other.
  • Pick a song that you relate to, or that you associate emotionally with your relationship! That will give you an extra motivation and push!


  • Consider the tempo: The tempo of a song can influence the style of dance you choose to perform. If you’re looking for a slow dance, choose a ballad with a gentle tempo. If you’re looking for a more upbeat dance, choose a faster tempo song.
  • Match the theme of your wedding: If your wedding has a specific theme or style, choose a song that matches that theme. For example, if you’re having a rustic wedding, consider a country song.
  • Practice before choosing: Once you’ve narrowed down your song choices, practice dancing to them. This can help you determine which song feels the most natural and comfortable for you and your partner.

By following these tips, you can choose a first dance song that perfectly reflects your relationship and creates a memorable moment on your special day.

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What Style of wedding dance do we offer and teach?

  1. Bridal waltz lessons Gold Coast
  2. Ballroom dance classes Gold Coast
  3. Latin dance lessons Gold Coast
  4. Foxtrot dance lessons Gold Coast
  5. Salsa dance lessons Gold Coast
  6. Bachata Dance lessons Gold Coast
  7. Tango dance lessons Gold Coast
  8. Cha cha dance lessons Gold Coast
  9. Swing dance lessons Gold Coast
  10. Slow dance lessons Gold Coast
  11. Private dance lessons Gold Coast
  12. Father-daughter dance lessons Gold Coast
  13. Mother-son dance lessons Gold Coast
  14. Wedding dance choreography Gold Coast
  15. Wedding reception dance lessons Gold Coast
  16. Fun and interactive dance lessons Gold Coast
  17. Affordable wedding dance lessons Gold Coast
  18. Personalized wedding dance lessons Gold Coast
  19. Customized wedding dance programs Gold Coast


Our other Gold Coast Wedding Dance Videos of the lessons

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