Stretching bands for dancers

stretch and strength for dancers

Stretching bands for dancers

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Stretching is a fundamental element for dancers, enhancing flexibility and aiding in injury prevention. Utilising tools such as stretching bands can significantly improve these routines by targeting specific muscle groups and providing the tension needed to deepen stretches safely. Stretching bands for dancers come in a range of types, from flat resistance bands to tubular ones, some with handles and others without. They are designed to accommodate the dynamic stretching needs of dancers by offering varying resistance levels that can cater to both novices and seasoned professionals.

When looking for the right stretching band, material quality and durability are paramount. Most bands are made from latex or fabric blends that should withstand repeated stretching without snapping or losing elasticity. The right size and resistance level of the band are crucial factors as well since they affect the effectiveness of each stretch. A too light band might not provide enough resistance for an advanced dancer, whereas a band that’s too heavy could hinder a beginner’s progress or cause injury.

We recognise the importance of having a reliable stretching band in your dance kit, something that combines durability, the right level of tension, and comfort. After rigorous research and testing across various types, we’ve honed in on those that meet the needs of dancers, ensuring that every plié and pirouette is supported by the best possible equipment.

Top 5 Stretching Bands for Dancers

We’ve searched high and low to curate a list of the top stretching bands that can help us dancers improve our flexibility and enhance our performance. These bands have been chosen for their quality, durability and the positive impact they have on our stretching routines. Whether we’re warming up, cooling down, or engaging in targeted flexibility work, the right stretching band can make all the difference. So, let’s take a look at the ones that stand out from the rest.

1. DEHUB Stretch Strap

Best Stretching bands for dancers
Best stretching bands for dancers

We reckon this strap’s a top pick for dancers intent on improving flexibility with a user-friendly and comfy design.


  • Simplifies stretching with numbered loops
  • Made from durable, high-quality material
  • Can toss it in the wash; real handy for cleanliness


  • Length might be too long for petite users
  • Elasticity may be less than traditional rubber bands
  • Digital print could fade over time

Buy: DEHUB Stretch Strap

Trying out the DEHUB Stretch Strap as part of our dance routine has been a revelation. The numbered loops make it a breeze to switch between stretches without breaking our flow. They also allow us to track our progress, with each loop acting as a milestone towards greater flexibility.

The durability of this strap stood out during our sessions. Even with rigorous daily use, the quality fabric and strong stitching held up without any signs of wear. And when it comes to hygiene, being able to chuck it in the wash has kept it fresh and ready for the next practice.

Despite the strap’s versatility, it’s quite lengthy. Some of us found it a bit unwieldy, particularly those who are a bit shorter in stature. Also, the stretchiness, while helpful, doesn’t quite give the same resistance as those rubber bands some of us were used to, which could be a drawback for specific exercises.

All in all, the DEHUB Stretch Strap fits seamlessly into our routine. It’s robust, straightforward to use, and we appreciate the comfort it brings to our stretching. It’s a piece of kit that has earned its place in our dance bags.

2. The Petite PlumBand

stretch bands for dancers
Best stretching bands for dancers

We reckon you’ll feel more poised and limber after using the Petite PlumBand, a solid pick for dancers aiming to enhance their flexibility and muscle tone.


  • Just the right amount of resistance
  • Comes with a nifty travel pouch and guide
  • Ideal sizes for different heights


  • Could be too robust for some beginners
  • Only one resistance level
  • May have an initial rubber smell

Shop: The Petite PlumBand

The moment I slipped the Petite PlumBand out of its charming packaging, I knew I was in for a treat. The feel of natural rubber promised a sturdy stretch session, and it didn’t disappoint. My mates and I are of different builds, but we each found our fit – me with the small size, and them with the regular. Everyone’s chuffed about the non-slip grip that lets us focus on our stretches without a hitch.

In my lounge room or at the studio, it’s a cinch to roll it up and pop it into the drawstring pouch. It’s conveniently compact, which means even when I’m off to the gym after a busy day, I don’t have to sweat about extra gear. And the guide? It’s a godsend for clear, illustrated stretches right out of the box.

Our flexibility has been improving by leaps and bounds, not to mention we’re strengthening muscles we didn’t even know needed work. Sure, some of us found the resistance a bit much to start with, and there was a hint of that fresh rubber smell, but after a few uses, that’s all ancient history. For anyone in dance, gymnastics, or just after a quality stretch aid, the Petite PlumBand is a bonza choice.

3. Zenmarkt Ballet Stretch Bands

Stretching bands for dancers 1
Best stretching bands for dancers


  • Enhances warm-up routines and builds strength
  • Suitable for a variety of dance styles and other activities like Pilates
  • Aids in injury prevention and rehabilitation


  • An eBook guide wasn’t included for some users, requiring separate research
  • Slightly challenging for younger children due to size
  • A bit more expensive when compared to single bands

Shop: Zenmarkt Ballet Stretch Bands

After incorporating the Zenmarkt Ballet Stretch Bands into our practice sessions, we’ve noticed a considerable improvement in our pre-performance warm-ups. The natural rubber material offers a comfortable yet firm resistance, suitable for dancers aiming to enhance their strength and flexibility.

What’s particularly appealing is the stretch band’s versatility—it’s not limited to one dance form. Whether we’re doing ballet, cheer or even Pilates, this band seems to support a better range of motion and contributes to our overall posture.

An aspect of the stretch band that stood out to us is its role in preventing common dance-related strains and injuries. We find that using it for stretching exercises helps us cool down effectively, alongside its benefits in resistance training.

We love that the band targets key areas, aiding in the recovery from overuse injuries like ITBS syndrome. While the lack of a physical guide was disappointing for some, the promise of a free eBook filled with valuable stretching exercises somewhat makes up for it—a quick scan of the QR code and we had access to numerous routines.

From our experience with the Zenmarkt Ballet Stretch Bands, we say it’s a solid investment for both budding and professional dancers. Despite the price point which may be slightly higher, the quality and the results it delivers are undeniable.

4. Myosource Stunt Strap

Stretching bands for dancers 2
Best stretching bands for dancers


  • Enhances flexibility and assists in perfecting stunts
  • Light and compact for easy transport to practices and events
  • Comes with a helpful starter guide to get you stretching right away


  • Can be abrasive on the skin with prolonged use
  • Non-adjustable length may not suit everyone
  • Digital guide access issues reported by a few users

Shop: Myosource Stunt Strap

Every time we reach for the Myosource Stunt Strap, we’re impressed by the ease with which we can jump into our stretching routine. Its lightweight design is a breeze to tuck into our dance bag, and we’ve taken it with us from studio to auditorium with no hassle.

Our practice sessions have become far more effective since the guide provided us with some stellar stretching techniques. The strap’s solid build ensures we’re not fretting over wear and tear as we push our flexibility to new heights.

That said, we’ve noticed you’ve got to mind how you handle the strap, especially during extended sessions. The nylon can be a bit harsh on bare skin, so we make sure to wear proper gear. Other dancers have mentioned they’d appreciate adjustable length for customising the fit, something to consider if you’re eyeing this strap. And while most of us accessed the digital guide with no dramas, some had a bit of a struggle, so don’t hesitate to reach out to customer service if you’re left in the lurch.

5. Risefit Stretch Bands

Stretching bands for dancers 3
best stretching bands for dancers


  • Durable material withstands frequent use
  • Varied resistance levels for progressive training
  • Compact and portable for on-the-go workouts


  • Lacks a door anchor, limiting some exercise options
  • 5 ft length may be short for taller individuals
  • Strong odour upon initial unpacking due to material

Shop: Risefit Stretch Bands

Trying out the Risefit Stretch Bands, we were stoked to find they’re made from sturdy TPE material, offering us the elasticity needed for a range of workouts. They didn’t seem like they’d snap or lose tension any time soon, which is ace if you’re after durability. On top of that, with three different resistance levels, we could easily switch things up depending on the specific muscle groups we wanted to target. This adaptability is great for dancers looking to finesse their strength training gradually.

The bands are a breeze to tote around, folding up nicely into our kit bag. We found them super handy for a quick pre-class stretch at the dance studio or a full-on workout in the park. They didn’t take up much space at all, which is brilliant when you’re travelling light.

However, we noticed these bands could really do with a door anchor to broaden the range of possible exercises. Also, for our taller mates, the 5 ft length of these bands might come up a bit short, especially during extensive stretch routines. Initially, we also got a bit of a whiff of something when first opening the pack. The odour did dissipate after a while though, so no dramas there.

All things considered, the Risefit Stretch Bands set is a solid option for any dancer focused on advancing their practice. Whether you’re stretching out before a performance or integrating resistance work into your training, these bands are worth a squizz.

Buying Guide for your new stretching bands for dancers

Understanding Resistance Levels when buying stretching bands fro dancers

When we’re choosing stretching bands, the first thing we should consider is the resistance level. These bands typically come in light, medium, and heavy resistances.

  • Light resistance is great for beginners or for muscles that need a gentler stretch.
  • Medium resistance is versatile and works well for those with an intermediate fitness level.
  • Heavy resistance is best for experienced dancers or for muscles that require a more intense stretch.

Material Quality of stretching bands for dancers

The quality of material of stretching bands for dancers directly affects durability and comfort. We want to look for bands made from high-quality materials that are stretchy and strong, yet soft on the skin to prevent any irritation during our stretches.

Length and Width of stretching bands for dancers

Our next consideration when buying stretching bands for dancers should be the length and width of the bands. Here’s an easy reference:

how to choose the best stretching bands for dancers
best stretching bands for dancers

As for width, wider bands tend to distribute pressure more evenly, which can be more comfortable and less likely to dig into our skin.

Portability and Storage of stretching bands for dancers

We should think about how easy it is to carry and store the bands. Lightweight, compact bands are easier to bring along to classes or performances, so they are often a practical choice.

Safety Features of stretching bands for dancers

Look for bands with safety features such as anti-snap technology or those that come with a safety guide. Safety is crucial to ensure we can stretch without fear of injury.

Remember, we’re not looking for the fanciest band on the market, just one that meets our stretch goals, is comfortable, and safe to use regularly.

6 best Stretch Band exercises for dancers

Best stretching bands for dancers

Stretch bands are a versatile tool for dancers to improve flexibility, strength, and technique. Here are some exercises that dancers can perform with a stretch band:

  1. Pointe-and-Flex: This exercise helps in strengthening the ankles and feet, which is crucial for ballet dancers. You wrap the band around your foot while seated and alternate between pointing and flexing your foot.

  2. Crunches: With the band attached to a fixed point, you can perform crunches to strengthen your core, which is essential for balance and stability in dance.

  3. The Frog: This exercise targets the inner thighs and groin, areas important for turnout in ballet. Lie on your back, place the band around your feet, and press your legs outward against the band’s resistance.

  4. Side Lying Clamshell: This exercise strengthens the hip abductors, which are important for hip stability. Lie on your side, loop the band around your knees, and open and close your legs like a clamshell.

  5. Reverse Lunge with Twist: This exercise incorporates a full-body movement that works on leg strength and core stability. Step on one end of the band and hold the other end with your hands, lunge backward with one leg, and twist your torso.

  6. Plank: You can use the band to add resistance while performing a plank, thereby increasing core engagement and strength.

Best stretching bands for dancers guide in 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve seen a variety of stretch bands on the market, but some of the favourites among dancers include the Superior Stretch SuperiorBand, the PlumBand, and the Zenmarkt Stretch Band. These bands offer good resistance and are durable for regular use.

Stretch band exercises target specific muscle groups and improve overall flexibility, which is crucial for ballet. They can help dancers safely stretch their legs, hips, back, and shoulders, which can lead to improved lines and extensions in their movements.

Resistance band exercises that are beneficial for us include leg stretches to improve splits, assisted jumps to enhance elevation, and targeted foot stretches to strengthen the arches. Incorporating these exercises into our routine can help with agility and power.

High-quality stretch bands can be found at dance supply shops or online stores that specialise in dance equipment. Brands that are dedicated to dance often provide bands that meet our specific needs and quality requirements.

Therabands are popular in the dance community because they’re versatile, come in a range of resistances, and are relatively inexpensive. They can be used for a variety of stretches and strengthening exercises, making them an essential tool in a dancer’s kit.

Absolutely, regular workouts with resistance bands can increase a dancer’s strength, flexibility, and control. Over time, these improvements can greatly enhance our overall dance performance, particularly in the execution of technical moves that require precision and stability.

Thank you for reading our post about the best stretching bands for dancers

stretch and strength for dancers
best stretching bands for dancers
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