Son Cubano: Dance Videos & Cuban Son Steps Names

Son Cubano Cuban Son Steps Names

Son Cubano: Dance Videos & Cuban Son Steps Names

Son Cubano: Dance Videos & Cuban Son Steps Names – In this shorter article, we will be presenting some of our favourite son cubano dance videos and talk about the names of the very popular son cubano steps. Be ready to travel to Cuba, with videos taken during our dance trip and our dance classes!

Before we start with our Son Cubano dance videos & Tutorials, we would like to remind you that you can find anything related to Cuban Son & Son Montuno History in the link bellow:

Son Cubano Dance Videos

El Son Cubano Dance

Son Cubano in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba. 

Dancers: Carlos & Gizelle are improvising a Son cubano dance in front of a group of 20 Australians. You can see in this video the extremely popular step danced in Son Cubano called “Tornillo”. 

Son cubain traditionnel

Son Cubain Traditionnel – Demonstration after a dance class in Paris By Carlos & Marylin!

No impressive steps, but notice how Carlos hold the close position during most of the dance. And put the emphasis on elegance and travel (desplazamientos in Spanish).

Son Cubano Dance

Part I of the Cuban Son Choreography performance by Carlos & Marylin in France!

Amazing alchemy and connection!

What is some Son Cubano Names Dance steps?

Son Cubano Step: Tornillo

“Tornillo” means “screw” or “bolt” in Spanish. And this is exactly what is happening in this move ! The dancer will be turning on one pivot foot, while the follower is giving him the momentum to turn on the spot. The dancer usually start on a up stand position, before going down lower until reaching the position on the figure bellow!

Be aware that in this step, the one that has the harder job is the follower! Even though the leader stretching down on the floor looks very impressive!

Cuban son tornillo Step by carlos

Variations in Cuban Son Step ‘Tornillo”

There is different variations of the Tornillo Step. For example, in this video, Carlos is starting a tornillo up and just slightly bend his knees, leaning forward. He is still using the principle of the torrnillo and this is only one variation. But if you do look through this video, you will notice that there is already 4 variations of the cuban son step tornillo in it.

Son Cubano Cuban Son Steps Names

The man is not the only one doing a Tornillo. Followers do it too, as you can see on the picture!

This time, the leader makes the follower looking good!

tornillo cubano women

Son Cubano Dance Tutorials

If you always wanted to learn the  basics steps of Cuban Son (pasos Basicos de Son Cubano), then you are in luck today!

We got a series of 3 videos that will guide you from basic cuban son step (with timing) and work on how to travel in close position while dancing Son Cubano. 

Cuban Son Basic Step – Starting with a slow tempo. We will then accelerate and go faster and faster. Are you ready? Set yourself in an open space and practice this basic step of Cuban Son with the music today!


Learn how to travel in Close position while dancing Cuban Son! “Desplazamientos” is the Spanish word for “travel”. We use it to describe when an object move from a place to another. In this case, that’s when, with our partner, we travel and use the space and dancefloor. It is not about executing some hard dance moves. But instead it is about learning how to travel with your partner in a close embrace.

In this video, you will practice some more complicated Desplazamientos in Cuban Son Dance! 

If instead you prefer in studio dance classes, here is our recommendation for dance class for seniors near me

What does son means in cuba?

“Son” is a genre of music that originated in Cuba in the early 20th century, characterized by its fusion of African rhythms with Spanish melodies and harmonies. “Son” Means Sounds in English. Its represent the sounds of music.

How is cuban son different from salsa?

Cuban son is considered the precursor to salsa and has a simpler, more stripped-down sound with a focus on the guitar, percussion, and vocals. Salsa, on the other hand, has a more complex arrangement, often featuring horns and a larger ensemble, with a greater emphasis on the rhythm section and danceability.

In regards of the dance, son cubano is a more up straight dance, more ballroom feels. While Cuban Salsa still use the travelling aspect of the son cubano dance, it also involves more body movement (coming from Rumba Cubana for example) and a lot more figures and complexed moves (such as Setenta, sombrero, Setenta complicado, and much more)

Carlos Son Cubano

Why is Son cubano important?

Son cubano is important because it played a crucial role in shaping the musical identity of Cuba and influencing other genres of Latin music. It was a product of the cultural fusion between African and Spanish influences in Cuba and helped to bridge racial divides through its popularity among diverse audiences. Additionally, son cubano served as a means of expression for social and political issues, making it an important aspect of Cuba’s cultural and historical legacy.

When was cuban son popular?

Cuban son became popular in the early 20th century, specifically in the 1920s and 1930s, and remains popular in Cuba and around the world to this day.

What are 3 facts about cuba?

  1. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and has a rich cultural heritage that has been influenced by Spanish, African, and indigenous peoples. This cultural fusion is evident in Cuba’s music, dance, art, and cuisine, including the popular music genre of son cubano.

  2. Cuba is known for its high-quality cigars, which are made from tobacco grown in the fertile soil of the Vuelta Abajo region. Cuban cigars are considered to be among the best in the world and are highly sought after by cigar enthusiasts.

  3. Despite being a small island nation, Cuba has played an outsized role in world affairs, particularly during the Cold War when it aligned itself with the Soviet Union. This led to a long-standing economic embargo by the United States, which has had a significant impact on Cuba’s economy and political system. However, Cuba has managed to maintain its independence and unique identity, including through the preservation and promotion of its cultural heritage, such as son cubano.

What is the difference between Rumba and Son?

Rumba and son are both musical genres that originated in Cuba, but they have distinct characteristics. Rumba is a percussive, Afro-Cuban dance music characterized by call-and-response vocals and complex rhythms played on drums and other percussion instruments. Son, on the other hand, is a more melodic, guitar-based music that incorporates elements of African rhythms and Spanish melodies. Son also typically features a vocal chorus and soloist, and has a more relaxed tempo than rumba.

What are the Cuban Son Instruments?

  1. Guitar: The guitar is the backbone of the son, providing the harmonic foundation and often playing the lead melody.

  2. Tres: The tres is a small, Cuban guitar with three pairs of strings, which provides the characteristic “twangy” sound of the son.

  3. Bongos: The bongos are a pair of small, hand-held drums that are played with the fingers and palms. They provide the rhythmic pulse of the son.

  4. Congas: Congas are tall, cylindrical drums that are played with the hands. They are an important part of the percussion section in Cuban son.

  5. Trumpet: The trumpet is often used in the son to add a melodic and harmonic component, and to provide a counterpoint to the vocals.

  6. Claves: Claves are small wooden sticks that are struck together to provide a crisp, rhythmic sound in the son.

  7. Maracas: Maracas are percussion instruments made of gourds filled with seeds or beads. They provide a shaker-like sound and help to accentuate the rhythm.

Guitar tres Cuban Son
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