Son Cubain – Toda Una Vida

Son cubain Dance

Son Cubain – Toda Una Vida

Son Cubain – Leoni Torres – Toda una Vida – Demonstration by Carlos Rafael Gonzalez and Dayana

Son Cubain

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Cuban Son with this mesmerizing dance performance to the captivating rhythms of Leoni Torres’ “Toda Una Vida.” 

Son Cubain Traditionnel

Join Cuban Son dancers Carlos Rafael Gonzalez and Dayana as they showcase at the end of class their incredible talent and passion for this iconic dance style. Experience the essence of Cuba as the dancers gracefully move to the rhythmic melodies of Son Cubano, a traditional music genre deeply rooted in the heart and soul of the Cuban culture. 

Son Cubain Danse

Watch as their precise footwork, intricate partnerwork, and infectious energy bring the dance floor to life. With each step, you’ll witness the rich history and cultural heritage of Son Cubano unfold before your eyes. The irresistible beats and melodic harmonies will transport you to the streets of Havana & Trinidad, immersing you in the lively atmosphere of Cuban music and dance. Whether you’re a dance enthusiast, a lover of Cuban culture, or simply seeking to be inspired, this captivating performance will leave you in awe. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the mastery of Carlos Rafael Gonzalez and Dayana as they celebrate the beauty and authenticity of Son Cubano through their artistry. 

Danse Son Cubain

Join us on this captivating journey into the heart of Cuban Son, and let the music and dance ignite your spirit. Watch, enjoy, and feel the rhythm of “Toda Una Vida” by Leoni Torres as it intertwines with the timeless art of Son Cubano.

What is Cuban Son?

Cuban Son is a musical genre that originated in Cuba in the late 19th century and early 20th century. It is considered to be one of the most important musical styles in Cuba and has had a significant impact on the development of other Latin American musical styles. The term “Cuban Son” refers to the style of music that originated in Cuba and is characterized by its blend of African, Spanish, and indigenous musical traditions. The son is at the heart of Cuban music; it is a quintessential Afro-Cuban musical form, referring both to a singing and dancing style. 

Son means “sound” in Spanish.

Son Cubain

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Son Cubain

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Son Cubain

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Son Cubain

Son cubain Dance

Son Cubain

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