2019 New year, Amazing new timetable in your dance studio Burleigh Heads

New Year 2019 dance

2019 New year, Amazing new timetable in your dance studio Burleigh Heads

2019 New year, new timetable in your dance studio Burleigh Heads

New Year 2019 dance

We’re a bit late but we wish you guys a happy new year ✨💜 we’ve been a little bit quiet on social media, enjoying the time away from screens, but mostly trying to recharge and reflecting on what a crazy year it’s been – from opening our new studio, giving 110% of ourselves to our Passada (loving every second), connecting with beautiful people through dance and watching you guys grow and pushing yourselves out of your comfort zones ⭐️It’s been nothing short of amazing!Dance Studio Burleigh Heads.

It’s been a testing year too. 2018 has tested us right up until 2019. But that’s life right? It’s how we react with life’s challenges that make us stronger & wiser ♥️ so, if 2018 kicked your ass, we feel you. We reckon 2019 will be a plot twist year. 🙌🏾

We know that our blessings outweigh the not so nice stuff. So, we stay positive, smile more than frown, treasure our relationships and be thankful for every single day. Best Dance studio Burleigh Heads.

Another reason to be happy is that we’re back in the studio this Monday 7 Jan and we can’t wait to see you guys!! 😍We’ve got a bunch of new classes waiting for you to try:

✨Sexy Heels.
✨Burn n Firm (ie booty, thighs, abs).
✨Ladies Styling.
✨Total Body Blast.
✨Morning classes.

Yeeeww!!! We’re so excited to shimmy, booty pop and lock with you guys again! We’ve missed youuuu 💃🏾🕺🏾😘 Here’s to a rockin’ year 🙌🏾#thebestisyettocome 👊🏾

Tons of love, Clement, Jojo, Hugo & Kenny 💜🐾 (yes, the snags are wearing Passada tops. As you can see, they’re pretty impressed).




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