Kizomba Dance Burleigh Heads

Dance Burleigh Heads

Kizomba Dance Burleigh Heads

Kizomba Dance Burleigh Heads

Kizomba Dance Burleigh Heads at Dance Classes Gold Coast !

Dance Burleigh: What is Kizomba?

Kizomba is a partner dance mixed from Samba of Angola mixed with zouk from the Caribbean!
It is a slow and connected dance, where the focus is put towards connection and music!

KIZOMBA ✨😍 don’t expect to work up a sweat in this class. #Kizomba is dance mediation simple, smooth & connected. Join us and learn the beautiful dance that is kizomba -at Dance Classes Gold Coast.

Dance Burleigh: When can I Dance Kizomba?

We are here for you! We organise private kizomba classes at anytime during the week!

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Dance Burleigh: Contact Us & Social Media!

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Dance Burleigh: About us!

If you’re new to our studio, head to our website to register for your F R E E class

Looking for Latin dance Classes? Join us at

Lessons in a professional but FUN & relaxed setting with friendly qualified instructors

Dancing is supposed to be fun! If you’ve always wanted to learn how to dance but have found it to be intimidating, then it’s high time you join PASSADA. Simply walk in through our doors and we’ll have someone waiting there for you with warm and welcoming smiles. When you join our dance classes, we make sure that you’ll feel at home, and it may even feel like you’ve known us for years!

You don’t just learn steps and moves. It’s not just steps; it’s about offering a cultural experience. You will learn the dance PLUS a bit about the culture from which the dance derives. Best dance Burleigh Heads.

Dance Burleigh: Shop our Latin Dance Shoes

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Colourful, vibrant, elegant and comfortable dance shoes.

Here at Latin dance Shoes Australia, you will find a unique combination of sexy yet comfortable heels. Our collection of heels range from vibrant, colourful African inspired fashions to edgy killer heels. Their unique designs ensure that you’ll be on your feet all day (or night!) without the pain!

We also have a range of gorgeous unique accessories to go with your shoes.


Dance Burleigh dance fit

We offer Private latin dance classes and wedding dance lessons on the Gold Coast

Dance classes Gold Coast

 Latin dancing is fun! Check out our dance Burleigh blog.

We offer a range of partner dance classes.

Salsa, bachata, kizomba are the most popular one!

Dance Burleigh: Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Lessons

With many years of teaching wedding dance lessons on the Gold Coast, we will create for you the perfect wedding!

All you need to do is to select your song. And let us do the rest!

  • We will choreograph and teach you a choreography
  • Edit the song so it is all set for your wedding day
  • Always give you feedback during the week through videos
  • We will go to the venue with you in order to go through room configuration
  • If there is anything that you wish to change in the choreography, just let us know and we will adjust!

This is your wedding and we want to make sure that it is perfect!

 Dance Burleigh.

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