Son Cubano Dance Tutorial

How to Dance Son Cubano ?

Learn How to dance son Cubano by watching our 3 son Cubano dance tutorials. We also wrote X tips on how to dance son Cubano and learn at home.

How to dance Son Cubano ?

Son Cubano is an elegant dance that requires years of work and practice. But nothing stop you to start learning how to dance son cubano at home today!We prepared some Cuban son dance tutorials for you to learn and practice.

From the timing of cuban music, when to dance, how to hold your posture and some basic steps, we got you sorted.

How to Dance Son Cubano Guide

Basic Step of Son Cubano

One of the difficulty to start learning this traditional cuban dance is the ability to dance a Contra-tiempo. That’s why  we would recommend you to start practicing with this first video that demonstrate the basic step of cuban son with  the music.

Son Cubano Desplazamiento. The art of traveling in Cuban Son

Son Cubano is characterised by the ability of the sonoros y soneras to travel together and use the space in geometrical pattern. 

They have been later on used and added to Casino (Cuban salsa dance).

Learning how to travel in Son, while maintaining Contra-tiempo is essential.

More complicated travel pattern while dancing son cubano

More complicated geometric pattern while traveling with your dance partner.

Son Cubano Footwork

Son Cubano is also defined by its footwork. We added in this tutorial some footwork that sonoros y soneras can use while dancing together.

How to dance son Cubano Guide

About Me

I have been learning Son Cubano with Carlos Rafael Gonzalez. Being his student for the last 17 years, I am proud to be able to share to the world his teaching and talent as one of the best maestro and sonero in the world.

Carlos Rafael Gonzalez is a Cuban and French Citizen that moved out of Cuba and arrived in France in 1997, where he started teaching Son Cubano, salsa, and share everything about Cuban Culture and Cuban Dance. He has been training and forming more ttthan 2000 students and is worldwide known for his talent as a salsa dancer, son cubano dancer, and being a warm-hearted person, enthusiastic about sharing Cuban values and helping other.

Read more about son cubano

Everything you need to know about Cuban Son dance and music.

Cuba Son

Baile del Son Cubano

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Thank you for reading our guide on how to dance son cubano.

Son Cubano Dance Tutorial
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