How to dance Bachata ? Bachata Dancing Lessons Recommendations!

What is Bachata and how to dance it

How to dance Bachata ? Bachata Dancing Lessons Recommendations!

What is Bachata and how to dance it?

Bachata is a sensual, romantic dance that originates from the Dominican Republic. The music is characterized by guitar strums on the off beat, giving bachata its characteristic Latin flavor. If you’re new to bachata, don’t worry! This guide will teach you the basic steps so you can get out on the dance floor and start moving to the rhythm, as well as where to find bachata dancing lessons!

What is Bachata and how to dance it

What is bachata?

Bachata is a style of dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. It is a sensual, intimate dance that is usually danced close to your partner. Bachata consists of four quick steps followed by a pause. The basic steps are side-to-side-together, side-to-side, back-to-back, and side-to-side.

What are the two mains styles of Bachata?

When we talk about Bachata, it is important to distinguish the two mains style of Bachata:
Sensual Bachata and Dominican bachata.
– Dominican Bachata is defined by a lot of footwork and hips movement. Not as much moves and steps. It is more about traveling, using the space and having fun with your partner!
– Sensual Bachata evolved from Dominican bachata music and dance, mixed with some salsa steps and patterns.

Sensual Bachata:

Dominican Bachata Video:

What is the difference between sensual bachata music and Dominican bachata music?

Guiro instrument bachata

In Dominican Bachata songs, you will often hear a guitar playing in the background with a very specific rhythm. Dominican songs are also characterised by the güira.This is an instrument used as percussion to give the general pace of the song. It is very specific to Dominican bachata songs, but also appears in merengue and Cumbia.
In dominican Bachata, you can clearly hear all the instruments, and they had to be performed live.

Sensual bachata however, use a lot of hip hop and RNB remix!

Why did sensual bachata become so popular?

The main reasons why sensual bachata became so popular are:
1- Western people can understand better the rhythm because the songs are mainly RNB remix with a bachata beats. It relates more to westerners.
2- Dominican bachata is hard. It involves a lot of footwork and hips movement, which can be a challenge for. someone who. don’t know how to dance and is just a beginner starting its dance journey!

Sensual Bachata Video:

Is bachata lessons for me?

Bachata is a fun and easy dance to learn, and it’s a great way to meet new people and get some exercise. If you’re interested in learning how to dance bachata, there are plenty of resources available online and in most major cities. You can find dance classes at your local dance studio with us, or you can even take lessons online.

Learning Bachata will improve your coordination, makes you exercise and improve your health, and is a perfect way to meet new people and socialising!

Best Latin Dancing Lessons on the Gold Coast.

If you are looking for classes, we offer Bachata Classes Gold Coast

The History of Bachata

Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic in the early 20th century. It was originally seen as a lower-class form of music and dance, but it has since evolved into a popular global phenomenon. In the 1950s, bachata began to gain popularity outside of the Dominican Republic when groups like Los Merengueros and  Johnny Ventura started playing the music on Cuban radio stations.

Bachata evolved further in the 1960s when guitarists began adding more complex chords and melodies to the music. This new style of bachata became known as “bachata moderna” or “bachateando.” In the 1980s, bachata emerged as a popular form of music in Puerto Rico and other parts of Latin America. By the 1990s, bachata had gained popularity all over the world. One of the first group to actually share bachata to the world at a bigger scale was Aventura !

How to Dance Bachata

Now that you know a little bit about the history of bachata, let’s talk about how to actually dance it! As we mentioned before, bachata consists of four quick steps followed by a pause. The basic steps are side-to-side-together, side-to-side, back-to-back, and side-to-side. These steps can be done in any order as long as they are done quickly and with a pause in between each step.

Side to Side step:

In bachata, the leader always starts with the left leg, and the flower with the right leg.
They always mirror each other (at least until you learn some more advance moves!).
As a leader, we do:
Side step left, right left PAUSE ,  Right, left, right PAUSE
it takes one beat per each step and the pause is also executed in one beat!
So at the end of the sequence of 8 counts, you did your side-to-side step and came back in your initial position.

How do you hold your dance partner during Bachata dancing lessons?

At First, we always recommend to start in the open position, The leader is holding the hands of the followers (left hand leader. right hand follower, and right hand leader/ left hand follower).
Make sure leaders not to grab your partner hands too tight!

Video of our bachata dancing lessons and classes:

Later on with more practice, your position will change. You can go into a close position where your partner is closer to you. You can also have another position where you want to lead your partner some body movement and your hands will be on their waist or shoulders. The more you go to bachata dancing lessons, the more moves and steps you will learn!

In Dominican Bachata, You will also want to keep your upper body relatively still while you move your hips from side to side. This combination of movement and stillness gives bachata its sensual feeling.
While in Sensual bachata, the leader also execute at times some body rolls!


Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or just want to learn how to dance for fun, bachata is a great option! This sensual Latin dance is easy to learn and can be done with any type of music that has a steady beat. Once you know the basic steps, you’ll be able to dance bachata anywhere – from your living room to the club! But if you are ensure about Bachata music, try salsa! This is the most popular Latin dance style worldwide!

Frequently Asked question

Can I Learn Bachata my Myself?

Yes you absolutely can! There is a lot of online tutorial on how to dance bachata! Give it a go! However, nothing beats learning with a teacher in a group environment during a bachata dancing lessons. You will have time to ask all the questions you want !

How do I learn to dance Bachata? Should I take Bachata dancing lessons?

We are not gonna lie! The best way is to take some dance classes and practice a lot by going to social dance night!
Nothing come easy, you will have to practice and get surrounded by the best dance teachers and attend enough bachata dancing lessons!

Is bachata Hard to Learn?

It is not that hard! The good thing is that it is a slower pace dance than Salsa ! But if you want to get to a good level, you will still have to practice and learn a lot. We recommend you to take 1 bachata dancing lessons a week to start. Then when you feel more confident with your basics, we will recommend you to go to 2 bachata dancing lessons a week!

What are the 3 most popular bachata styles?

There is 3 main styles:
– Dominican Bachata (which includes a lot of hips movement and footwork)
– Sensual Bachata (which includes a lot of body roll, and head rolls, as well as complicated pattern and moves)
– Modern Bachata (less head rolls, more salsa pattern moves)

Check some videos and go to your local dance school to start your first bachata dancing lessons!

What Dance Shoes Do I Need to wear?

Latin dance shoes are important when you start your dance journey! Indeed a good Pair of dancing shoes will make a big difference in your dance, and protect you from injuries! Here is our dance shoes recommendation:

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