Gold Coast Wedding Dance lessons

Gold Coast Wedding dance lessons Wedding classes Debbie Scott

Gold Coast Wedding Dance lessons

Gold Coast wedding dance lessons – Meet Debbie & Scott! Debbie & Scott have been taking wedding dance lessons with us on the Gold Coast for 5 weeks now, and we are so proud to share where they are at!

Gold Coast Wedding Dance lessons: Meet Debbie & Scott!

gold coast wedding dance lessons

Hear from Debbie & Scott: Their Love Story (their words!)

Our love story began in Sydney at the Marriott Hotel, back in 2012. Scott is the wanna be IT guru based in Brisbane and Debbie was the Executive Assistant in Sydney.

With almost 3 years of being work colleagues, and the few rain checks on after work drinks, Scott’s persistence paid off.

A request for a drink after work one afternoon came to fruition which was the beginning of this blossoming love, the rest is history!

June 14th, 2015 was the day we reached first base…..a kiss and a hug!

Did they have some previous dance experience before starting taking wedding dance classes with us?

Absolutely not!

Debbie & Scott contacted us in January to choreograph and teach them their first dance!  Scott work in IT and is often in another city. But they always find the time to practice and get ready for their big day! They also had no previous dance experience!

But this didn’t stop them! Debbie & Scott are getting married in Bali, and they want their first dance! They had no expectation – but I think that they are now impressed with each other abilities to dance and learn how to dance!

Wedding Dance lessons Gold Coast debbie and scott

But I am very Uncoordinated - Are you sure I can take some wedding dance lessons on the Gold Coast?

Gold Coast Wedding Dance lessons 1

Yes, Absolutely! 

That’s what dance lessons are made for! We willl teach you every single step, styling and help you through everything! We will also adjust to your abilities to dance and learn! So it is not too hard for you1 The last thing we want to add is extra pressure before your big day! Our wedding dance classes are fun and will help you create memories that will last forever!

So, without further due, here is a video of Debbie & Scott's week 5 of wedding dance lesson on the Gold Coast!

Attention all friends and followers! Week 5 of Debbie & Scott’s wedding dance lessons is here, and they are absolutely killing it!  This week, they’ve been practicing some seriously impressive lifts and tricks for their big day in June, and we couldn’t be more excited to see them perform.

Check out their dance on our instagram too:

Gold Coast Wedding Dance lessons 2

I know that we already said it. But !

What’s even more impressive is that this amazing couple had no prior dance experience before starting lessons with us. That’s right, with just a few short weeks of practice, they’ve gone from dancing novices to wedding dance superstars! 

..And We are invited to their wedding !

And guess what? We’ve been invited to their wedding too! So not only will we get to see Debbie & Scott’s incredible dance skills in action, but we’ll get to celebrate their love and marriage with them as well. 

We’re so proud of Debbie & Scott for all the hard work and dedication they’ve put into their dance lessons, and we can’t wait to see them shine on their big day. Stay tuned for more updates and videos from their lessons, and make sure to send them some love and encouragement in the comments below! 

Wedding invitation debbie and scott

Want to book your wedding dance classes with us?

wedding dance teachers

With over 15+ years of dance experience (ballroom and Latin dance), Clement & Mimi are the best to choreograph and teach you your wedding dance choreography. We are based on the beautiful Gold Coast, and can’t wait to meet you and get started into creating your unique wedding dance choreography for your big day!

Check more of our wedding dance choreographies and wedding dance couples bellow.

Contact Us today and book your Gold Coast Wedding Dance tuition

Where to find us for your Gold Coast wedding dance lessons?

Do you offer customised wedding lessons plans? and what are your packages?

We organise wedding dance lessons at anytime and any days of the week. Those being private classes, you will be learning with Clement & Mimi – and we will adjust to your schedule!

What Customised wedding lessons plans do you offer?

We always customise our wedding dance lesson plans to create a dance lessons tailored to meet the unique needs, preferences, and goals of each couple we have.

Every couple is different, and have different goals and expectations. Some couples may have a specific song they want to dance to, while others may want to learn a particular dance style. Therefore, we always  adjust to the song you choose, and the style of dance that is associated or that you desire! 

We always adjust to your skillset and ability to learn!

We also need to have a comprehensive understanding of your dance experience, skill level, and learning style. By assessing your needs and preferences, we can create a plan that matches your style and ensures that you are comfortable and confident during your performance.

Wedding dance choreography customised to your preferred dance style!

For example, if a you prefers a particular dance style like salsa, we can create a lesson plan that focuses on salsa moves, rhythm, and technique. We can also incorporate your preferred music and choreography, ensuring that the dance reflects the your personality and preferences.

Wedding choreography customised to your wedding theme!

Furthermore, wedding dance lessons should be customized to fit the couple’s wedding theme. If you are having a beach wedding, we will definitely incorporate and   teach dance moves that match the beach theme, such as incorporating smooth flowing movements like the waves or the ocean breeze.

Wedding dance lessons testimonials

What Dance Styles do you offers for your wedding dancing lessons?

We can teach mostt styles between Latin dance styles and ballroom dance styles!

You can choose between Salsa, Bachata, Ballroom, Waltz, Kizomba, Tango moves and more!

Most importantly, we will be adjusting our choreography to the song that you picked and can always teach any style or choreography you saw that you want us to teach or improve!

Gold Coast Wedding Dance Lessons

Where Can I find Wedding Dance Shoes & Bridal Dance Shoes?

Alinta Latin Dance Shoes Womens Tan salsa cubana dance shoes salsa shoes

Latin dance Shoes Australia  provide the best dance shoes & dancing shoes in Australia.  

You can fully customise your Latin dance shoes:

  • Select your favourite heel shape
  • Select your heel height
  • Select the colour 
  • And choose the type of sole

All of that at no extra cost!

Bridal Shoes Melbourne.


Benefits of learning your wedding dance and taking wedding dance classes?

Wedding dances are an important part of the celebration of marriage. It is the first dance between the newlyweds as a couple, and it sets the tone for the rest of the night. Therefore, it is essential to learn a dance routine to make your wedding day more memorable. Here are the benefits of learning wedding dance and taking wedding dance classes:

  • Boosts Confidence: Learning a new skill always boosts confidence, and this applies to wedding dance too. Taking wedding dance classes can help couples feel more confident about their dancing skills and performance in front of their guests.
  • Improves Coordination: Wedding dances usually involve synchronized movements between the couple. Taking dance classes together can improve coordination and help couples work better as a team.
  • Relieves Stress: Wedding planning can be stressful, and taking dance classes can serve as a fun and relaxing activity. Dancing is an excellent way to relieve stress and release endorphins that can improve your mood.
  • Creates Magical Memories: Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, and learning a wedding dance routine can make it even more special. By practicing and performing a dance routine together, couples can create beautiful memories that they will cherish forever.
  • Adds a Personal Touch: Wedding dances can add a personal touch to the wedding day. Couples can choose a song that is meaningful to them and create a dance routine that reflects their personalities and relationship.
  • Entertains Guests: Wedding dances are a great way to entertain guests during the reception. A well-executed dance routine can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for all attendees.
  • Provides a Fun Hobby: Taking wedding dance classes can be a fun hobby for couples to enjoy together. Even after the wedding day, couples can continue to practice and improve their dancing skills, which can be a great way to bond and spend time together.

In conclusion, learning wedding dance and taking wedding dance classes can provide numerous benefits for couples. It can boost confidence, improve coordination, relieve stress, create memories, add a personal touch, entertain guests, and provide a fun hobby for couples to enjoy together. So, if you are getting married soon, consider taking wedding dance classes to make your special day even more memorable.

Gold Coast Wedding Dance Lessons

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Gold Coast Wedding Dance Lessons

Salsa Dance

Gold Coast Wedding Dance Lessons

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Gold Coast Wedding Dance Lessons

Latin Dancing

Gold Coast Wedding Dance Lessons

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Gold Coast Wedding Dance Lessons

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Gold Coast Wedding Dance Lessons

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Gold Coast Wedding Dance Lessons

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Gold Coast Wedding Dance Lessons

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Gold Coast Wedding Dance Lessons

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Gold Coast Wedding Dance Lessons

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Gold Coast Wedding Dance Lessons
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