Gold Coast Salsa dancing – Carlos & Alicia Bailando Casino

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Gold Coast Salsa dancing – Carlos & Alicia Bailando Casino

Gold Coast Salsa dancing

Carlos & Alicia Bailando Casino.

This is important!

There are some people in your life who will have a profound affect on you. They will move you & leave an imprint on your heart. Here are two of those people in our lives – our Cuban salsa teacher @carlosrafaelgonzalezjusto and the very special extraordinary Alicia. We took this video at one of Carlos’ salsa classes outside Paris. Alicia has been attending Carlos’ classes for some time and judging by the constant smile on her face, she LOVES it and you can tell that she is in her element.

We did a little demonstration for the class and Alicia asked if she could try to do what we did. As you can see Alicia doesn’t allow her disability to stop her from getting in the way of what she loves. And this is what she did like a boss!You should have seen the look on her face after she danced for us #priceless.We were moved to tears watching Alicia. She DOES exactly what others say she CAN’T and even what able bodied people are AFRAID to do.

One of the reasons we love Carlos so much is because of his attitude to others & inclusion. He may travel the world teaching dance and be hugely successful as a dancer/teacher, but he definitely doesn’t have an ego to match. He is ALWAYS humble and we have never been more proud & grateful to have him as our teacher, mentor and friend.

We hope Alicia’s story brings a smile to your face & inspires you. Remember that your limits are usually self imposed.

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Gold Coast Salsa dancing.
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