Free Reggaeton Dance Class – Online Tutorials

Reggaeton Dance class

Free Reggaeton Dance Class – Online Tutorials

Reggaeton Dance Class

What Is reggaeton?

Reggaeton is a genre of Latin music that is characterized by its fast-paced beats and off-the-wall lyrics. It combines various styles of music into one. It combine Jamaican influences of reggae and dancehall with Latin American music such as salsa, plena and mambo. It has also been extremely influenced by Hip Hop and is extremely popular in South America and now everywhere in the world!

Reggaeton has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and there’s no doubt that it has something to offer everyone who’s looking for some lively music to groove to!

Reggaeton Dance music and reggaeton dance classes

Where do I listen to reggaeton music?

Whether you’re a fan of the genre or just want to learn more about it, these resources should help you out:

1. The Reggaeton Wiki – This comprehensive resource provides detailed information on every aspect of reggaeton, from its history to its latest hits.

2. Our Reggaeton Channel on YouTube with our very popular reggaeton dance tutorial Bellow

3. Deezer – Deezer is a great resource for all sorts of music lovers, and reggaeton is no exception. You can find tons of great reggaeton albums and tracks here.

4. Spotify – Spotify offers a variety of different genres, including reggaeton, so you can basically customize your listening experience according to your mood or interests.

If you’re interested in learning more about reggaeton or just want some convenient listening options, these resources should be more than enough!

How do you Dance Reggaeton?

Reggaeton can be dance alone, while you are learning a choreography. It involves a lot of body movement and hips movements.
Check out our video of reggaeton dance classes bellow:

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Reggaeton Dance Choreography by Clement from Passada – School of Afro Latin Dance.

Fun Fact: In a club, Reggaeton can also be danced as a partner dance, where mainly the girls is in front of the guy and doing a lot of body movements in order to seduce him.

Check out our Reggaeton Dance tutorial Online Bellow! This is what we teach during our reggaeton dance classes.


El taxi – Osmani Garcia “La Voz”

Bumper – Osmani Garcia “La Voz”

Where can I find Reggaeton Dance Classes on the Gold Coast?

With us! We offer Reggaeton dance classes on the Gold Coast! Group classes and private classes are available! Contact us today!

reggaeton artist singers

Where can I find Reggaeton dance classes in Sydney?

We would recommend Latin dance Australia and Tropical Soul Studio in Sydney!

What can I do to learn reggaton dance?

The only thing you need is to take the decision to start learning! You can go into a dance studio to learn how to dance reggaeton, or even learn online through the many online tutorials like ours above!

Are reggaeton dance moves hard to learn?

We are not gonna lie, some are! But don’t worry, when you go to dance classes, we always starts with some basics and easy moves, before teaching you something harder! Online you can also select which level of reggaeton tutorial you would like to learn!

What are the reggaeton dance benefits?

Some of the benefits of reggaeton dance include:

Reggaeton dance benefits

1. improved breathing and circulation

2. increased energy and stamina

3. better coordination and balance

4. improved moods and self-esteem

5. increased flexibility and range of motion

Reggaeton Dance Class: What is reggaeton?

Reggaeton is a form of dance and music of Puerto Rican origin, characterized by a fusion of Latin rhythms, dancehall, and hip-hop or rap. Daddy Yankee is the artist that popularised the style. And made it known worldwide.
People in the street of South America and Cuba dance it as a way of expression and to party.

Reggaeton Dance Class: What do you need?

Absolutely nothing! NO experience needed – you can start with absolutely no experience. Check our online tutorial and give it a try!

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Reggaeton Dance Class: Latin Dance benefits

Latin Dance Benefits

Weight Loss: Salsa as well as any sports increase your blood circulation, sweat, unwind and burns calories! Reggaeton Dance Class is even more fitness orientated!

Body tones: It helps you tones your body and target muscles like legs, calves, hamstrings and quadriceps. Most important, it tones your core muscles!

Unwind: Dancing and socialise help your mental health by relieving stress and improve memory by learning moves and dance choreography

Coordination and Communication: It overall helps your coordination, balance and communication!

Feeling good and improve your self-esteem: nothing more satisfactory than mastering a step and being able to use it on the dance floor!

Socialise: it finally helps you build longer and lasting relationship. In our dance school you will find a dance family. Friends that will be with you all the way through the learning phase to the going out and having fun period!

Your dance family will be here to support you and help you to achieve your goals and have fun while doing it!

Social skills: Introvert? This is for you! Hard at the beginning but so satisfactory once you try!

Reggaeton Dance Class

Passada mains teachers are Clement. The school has been open since 2015.

Reggaeton Dance Class: Our values!

We believe in community and inclusion through dancing. We are not a competitive school. Everyone is welcome, no matter what age. Our students age vary from 18 years old to 75 years old.

It is never too late to start, having fun, enjoying a new activity and having a busy social life!

Reggaeton dance class: dance fitness tutorial

More of free online tutorials at:

Free Online dance tutorials

We started to upload free online dance tutorials on our Youtube Channel ! Hopefully you will like it!

Available tutorials are:

Dance fitness

What is Dance Fitness?

Dance fitness is a workout based dance class. You will not learn a specific combo in this class, but instead will be dancing non stop for 45 minutes. The goal is to get your blood pumping! Imagine a Zumba class but on a lot of different type of music and a lot more fun!

Reggaeton dance class: Check our videos!

Check our salsa classes:

What is Salsa?

Salsa is a very joyful partner dance extremely popular worldwide. There is 3 main types of salsa:

  • Cuban Salsa
  • Portorican / puerto rican Salsa
  • Colombian salsa / Cali Salsa

Check our Bachata classes:

What is Bachata?

Bachata is another partner dance style from Dominican Republic. It is a slower pace dance compare to salsa. There is two main styles of bachata:

  • Dominican Bachata (Dominican Republic)
  • Sensual Bachata (spain)

Check our Kizomba classes:

What Is Kizomba?

Kizomba is a partner dance from Angola. It is all about connection and musicality! With this dance you will learn how to improve your leading and following skills to the next level!

Check our afro dance classes:

Check our sexy heels classes:

Check our reggaeton classes:

Check our wedding dance classes:



Link here:

goldcoast dance 

Salsa Shines

Link here:

Dance classes Gold Coast 

Cali salsa

Link here:

Dance class Gold Coast 

Coming soon are bachata tutorials!

About us:

Passada is a Gold Coast dance studio providing partner dance classes, solo styles, dance fitness, entertainment gold coast, 

Looking for dance and salsa near me? This is the place!

We offer:

Latin dance classes

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We are the best dance studios on the gold coast!

Reggaeton Dance Class.

Dance Classes Gold Coast is a dance studio on the Gold Coast. We teach latin dancing to adults (salsa, bachata, Kizomba, afro dance, dance fitness, and more), organise social dance events and choreograph wedding lessons. We also offer free online dance tutorials so you can familiarise yourself to our teachers! Best reggaeton Dance Class.

If you are looking to learn how to dance, have fun in a welcoming atmosphere and meet a lot of people, This is your place!

Best Gold Coast salsa dance classes – perfect for beginners to advance levels!

Dancing classes Gold Coast are so much fun! Best reggaeton dance class.

We also have a latin dance shoes business:

Latin Dance shoes Australia is an online shop where you can buy the latest colourful latin dance shoes: Salsa Shoes, Kizomba Shoes, Zouk Shoes, bachata shoes and much more dance wear! You can find colourful earrings, and dance leggings! Best shoes for Latin Dancing and dance shoes for salsa dancing! We have a range of sexy heels and colourful design! To sum up – If you are looking for latino ance shoes, don’t look further ! They are strong, reliable and fashion! They will last long and turn head on the dance floor!

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Best reggaeton dance class.

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