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Booty By Jo

Burn baby burn! This 45 minute workout is a blend of pilates, yoga and barre inspired movements. This workout is designed to tone & lift the booty, sculpt your curves, AND sculpt & define those thighs and abs. You’ll feel the burn but those after class endorphins and results are totally worth it! Ankle weights & resistance bands are available for more of a burn, but going sans weights is a-ok!



Join Us for a Night of Dance and all-out Fun

Looking for something fun and exciting to do? Why not join us in one of our social events and dance the night away? It’s a wonderful chance to meet new people, share stories and drinks and just have a great time. Don’t worry, we’re all friendly folks here! We always strive to make each event as affable and all-inclusive as possible so nobody gets left out of the fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to dancing or have been swingin’ and shakin’ for years, everyone is welcome to join in on our parties.

To stay updated about our next event and schedule, just message us on Facebook or Instagram – we’d love to be friends!

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Latin Dance benefits:

Weight Loss: Salsa as well as any sports increase your blood circulation, sweat, unwind and burns calories!

Body tones: It helps you tones your body and target muscles like legs, calves, hamstrings and quadriceps. Most important, it tones your core muscles! Best fitness classes!

Unwind: Dancing and socialise help your mental health by relieving stress and improve memory by learning moves and dance choreography

Coordination and Communication: It overall helps your coordination, balance and communication!

Feeling good and improve your self-esteem: nothing more satisfactory than mastering a step and being able to use it on the dance floor!

Socialise: it finally helps you build longer and lasting relationship. In our dance school you will find a dance family. Friends that will be with you all the way through the learning phase to the going out and having fun period!

Your dance family will be here to support you and help you to achieve your goals and have fun while doing it!

Social skills: Introvert? This is for you! Hard at the beginning but so satisfactory once you try!

Passada mains teachers are Jojo and Clement. The school has been open since 2015.

We believe in community and inclusion through dancing. We are not a competitive school. Everyone is welcome, no matter what age and shape. Our students age vary from 18 years old to 75 years old. We make fitness fun!

It is never too late to start, having fun, enjoying a new activity and having a busy social life!