Embrace being a beginner – Salsa Classes near me!

Don't be afraid of being a beginner

Embrace being a beginner – Salsa Classes near me!

Salsa classes near me

salsa classes near me
salsa classes near me

Salsa Classes near me: What is Salsa?

Salsa is a partner dance that is extremely popular and danced worldwide!
There is several styles of salsa but the main one are:
– Cuban salsa (also called casino)
– L.A. Salsa (Also called portorican salsa and salsa on 1)
– Colombien salsa (Also called cumbia!)

Salsa classes near me: Our philosophy!

This is important. And it applies to everything in life.
Don't be afraid of being a beginner
Embrace being a beginner 🙌🏾 yeah it can be awkward or embarrassing trying something totally new, but once you push past wallowing in your own perceived unco-ness (is that even a word?), you might find it exciting, mind expanding and yes, even FUUUUUUN!!!

Salsa Classes near me: advices for beginners

Here’s some advice from Frenchy :

1️⃣ Most of us are afraid to look bad right? But guess what Gary, nobody is actually paying attention to you. Everyone is more focused on themselves and trying to avoid looking like a gumby. Heard of the spotlight effect? Its our tendency to believe that everyone is watching us, when in reality, they’re more concerned with themselves and perfecting their own shimmy

2️⃣ Remember that it’s ok to not love it straight away. One of the challenges of learning something new is that we’re meeting new people and having new experiences. If you head to the self serve checkouts to avoid social contact, then yes, these situations can trigger anxiety that we have about being the new person. So, not loving the experience straight away doesn’t mean you’ve made an irreversible life changing mistake. It just means that you’re HUMAN 🙏🏽 You’ll start having fun as the unfamiliarity fades away Promise.

3️⃣ Get your attitude adjustment before you head to your first class ☺️ Don’t put any pressure on yourself. Be ok with making mistakes and remind yourself that this ain’t no audition for Dancing with the Stars

4️⃣ Give us a tingle if you need some encouragement. We’ve been there. We know how your first dance class feels! 😉 Sometimes all you need is some encouragement from people who have been in your position.

5️⃣ Worried about the social aspect? Don’t worry, we gotchu. Social inclusion and creating a safe space is super important to us. Passada Dance is a judgement free  zone. Only awesome people are allowed here.

Go on amigos…you know you want to 😎

Ok so what now? Take the next step and head to our website to register for your first free class ➡️ https://passada.com.au/ 💃🏾 Turn up, re-read the above and JUST DO IT

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Salsa classes near me at Passada Dance.

salsa classes near me
salsa classes near me
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