Best Dance Classes on The Gold Coast

Dance Classes on the Gold Coast dance school

Best Dance Classes on The Gold Coast

Dance Classes on the Gold Coast

We had a blast teaching Jonathan and Isabel for a 5 days intensive bachata training 🔥

Dance Classes on the Gold Coast: Meet Jonathan

Jonathan bachata class

Dance Classes on the Gold Coast: Context.

Jonathan contacted us to learn bachata to go to the Doudoule festival on the weekend. He had no dance experience and never dance bachata or Prtner dance before. But his motivation was on 🔥 !

He contacted us 3 weeks before arriving to the Gold Coast and booked 2hrs a day for 5 days, intensive training to learn bachata and salsa. We went from the basics foundation to this in 4 days ! (Yes, I forgot to record the 5th day … daaamn! 😨).

Jonathan, my brother you learned extremely quick! You were patient and trusted us in the process. Hard worker, you put up extra homework after class. And came with always such a radiant energy !

After the 5 days of training, Jonathan went to Doudoule and I asked him how it went for him there. I was scared that some girls rejected him to dance because he was a beginner (some advance girls do reject beginners – which is not the philosophy of social dancing). I was scared Jonathan might be shy and not dance as much because looking at other more advance dancers.
But bro, you nailed it 🔥🔥

You went dancing with everyone, put your fear aside, step forward in the direction of your dreams – and we are so proud of you!
His feedbacks: he had a lot of fun, girls thought it was impossible he learned it all in 5 days – and advance dancers complimented him about his transitions in dance and lead!
You made us proud teachers
And we are so happy to welcome you in our family and extremely grateful for the friendship ! Now you are ready to get into Salsa !

I also want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Isa for being here with us and dancing non stop. Your humility is something I highly regard! Even though your LVL was more advance, you came, stay patient with him, and kept your brain active and attention focus on things you could learn. That’s how good dancers become amazing dancers! Always learn — and as important, always act with your heart! We love that about you !

And finally, HUGE THANK YOU to Mimi ❤️ Even with your everyday pain, you are here with me – always on my side ❤️

Dance Classes on the Gold Coast: Check our work.

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What to expect during Latin dance classes?

Looking to learn some Latin dance moves? You’re in luck! During Latin dance classes, you’ll learn how to salsa, cha-cha, tango, bachata, and more. You’ll also learn how to move your body in coordination with the music, which will help you tone your muscles and improve your dancing skills.

Latin dance classes are a great way to get in shape, have some fun, and learn some new dance moves. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Check our Bachata classes:

I have two left feet, is dancing for me?

Absolutely! We all start as beginner and we all have the ability to learn how to dance! Some people will learn faster than other but this is not a competition! This is a new hobby and the goal is to have fun and meet new people. You will improve your coordination along the way and learn some new dance skills! But this is not a race!

Check our Kizomba classes:

What to wear for dance classes Gold Coast for adults?

Wear something comfortable! A large T shirt and a jean would do for a men. A leggings and sleeveless shirt for a women! We do recommend for both to wear Latin dance shoes to help you spin better and reducing the risk of injuries!

Check our afro dance classes:

Can I find a free dance classes on the Gold Coast?

Not every dance studio and dance school will offer a free Latin dance class. However, the good news is that we do! Contact us by email today to book yours!

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What are the dance classes near me?

We offer Latin dance classes on the Gold Coast. We have a range of partner style such as salsa (Cuban Salsa and LA salsa) , bachata (sensual bachata and Dominican bachata) and Kizomba and Solo styles such as afro dance, sexy heels and dance fitness.

Check our sexy heels classes:

Is there such a thing as social dance classes on the Gold Coast?

Our dance classes last for 1 hour. When you come into our dance studio, we will teach you salsa, or bachata lesson for an hour. Towards the end of the class we will let the music play for you to practice your moves and what you learned in class. We called it our social dance classes because they combine both!

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Dance Classes on the Gold Coast: Contact Us

Clement: 0436127631

Who are the most popular bachata artists?

Romeo Santos, Aventura, Juan Luis Guerra, Anthony Santos, Prince Royce, Luis Vargas, Frank Reyes and so much more!

Who Are popular Dominican Bachata Artists?

Anthony Santos, Luis Vargas, Frank Reyes, Zacarias Ferreira, Joe Veras, Hector Acosta,

Is bachata easier than salsa?

Bachata is Easier than salsa. Salsa music is faster than bachata music, which make it harder to dance and learn. Salsa music also has a lot of instruments playing simultaneously, which make it harder for the hear to distinguish the rhythm.

Is Bachata More Popular than Salsa?

Salsa is the most popular Latin dance style Worldwide. However, Bachata is a close second! We would usually recommend to learn both of this dance style, as they often go together during a social dancing night.

Does Bachata Come from Salsa?

Bachata has it’s own music and dance and is not directly coming from salsa. However, over the years, salsa dancers used salsa patterns that they added into bachata, to create what is called Bachata Moderna. They then added some head rolls and body rolls coming from Brazilian zouk to create what is called Sensual Bachata.

Is Bachata a mexican thing?

Bachata comes from the Dominican Republic. It is dance worldwide, included in Mexico.

Is Bachata an ARGENTINEAN thing?

Bachata comes from the Dominican Republic. It is dance worldwide, included in Argentina.

Is Bachata a peruvian thing?

Bachata comes from the Dominican Republic. It is dance worldwide, included in Peru.

Is Bachata a brazilian thing?

Bachata comes from the Dominican Republic. It is dance worldwide, included in Brazil.

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