Cuban son Suelta – Step By Step Latin Dance Tutorial

Cuban Son Suelta Step By Step Dance Tutorial

Cuban son Suelta – Step By Step Latin Dance Tutorial

Cuban Son Suelta – Step By Step Latin Dance Tutorial. In this tutorial, Hugo Fonseca was teaching a Son Cubano Solo steps combination. End of class demonstration of Son Cubano & Suelta!

Cuban Son Suelta - Step By Step latin Dance Tutorial

Check our latest Cuban Son Suelta Dance Video Tutorial bellow – and learn (or practice) some new Cuban Son Suelta Moves and Combination!

If you were wondering what is Cuban Son,  check out our article bellow that explains what is Son Cubano & Son Montuno:

All You Need To Know About Cuban Son & Son Montuno

What does Suelta means?

Suelta is a Spanish words that has several meanings in English. It can mean “loose”, “free”, “Single”, “Detached” “Let go”or “separate”. In this context (the latin dance one of course!), Suelta is used to describe when a dancer is dancing alone, performing some steps but alone, without a partner. We also use the  word Shine. You can then add suelta for any dances:

  • Salsa suelta
  • Cuban Son Suelta

    Quite often, people also use the word “Shine” to describe the same situation:

  • Salsa Shines
  • Cuban Son Shines
Cuban son Suelta - Step By Step Latin Dance Tutorial 1

When Can I dance Cuban son Suelta ?

Cuban Son Suelta Step By Step Dance Tutorial

Cuban Son Suelta or Salsa suelta are usually danced in these three main situation:

  • When dancing with a partner, and the salsa music or son cubano songs are intensifying the instruments and the vocals are having a break. At that specific time, usually dancers like to break away and try to play the instruments with their feet and body movements.
  • As an animation. One dancer goes in front and show a step that everyone copy after. It is a social way to dance all together
  • During a dance class, to warm up the students and practice their coordination, without having to think about leading their partner!
Cuban son Suelta - Step By Step Latin Dance Tutorial 2

Is there any more Salsa alone, salsa suelta or Son Cubano Suelta videos to practice?

Absolutely! Here are some off our favourite! Enjoy your practice!

Basic Step of Cuban Son / Paso Basico de Son Cubano

Salsa Suelta on the Beach In Cuba 

How to Salsa Dance Solo? Salsa Shines

Cali Salsa Dance Tutorial – Punta Talon

Cali Salsa Step Dance tutorial Basic Step

Latin Dance Shoes For Cuban Son & Ballroom Dancing

Latin dance shoes are a crucial component of any dancer’s wardrobe. These shoes are designed specifically for Latin dance styles such as salsa, bachata, cha-cha, Son Cubano and samba, and they offer a number of features that make them ideal for these energetic and dynamic dances. Let’s have a quick look at the most important features to consider when buying dance shoes for Latin Dancing and Ballroom Dancing.

Dance Boots Vespa 8.5cm flared heels India
Flexible latin dance shoes australia

One of the most important features of Latin dance shoes is their flexibility. These Latin shoes are typically made from lightweight and supple materials such as suede or leather, which allow the dancer to move their feet and body with ease. The soles of Latin dancing shoes are also designed to be flexible, which helps the dancer to execute complex footwork and spins with precision.

Another key feature of Latin dance shoes is their stability. The heels of these shoes are often higher than those of regular street shoes, which helps to elongate the dancer’s legs and create a more dramatic line.

There is different type of heels shapes and height:

Straight stiletto heels dancing shoes australia
Latin Dancing shoes

In addition to their functional features, Latin dance shoes are also known for their aesthetic appeal. These shoes come in a wide range of colors and styles, from classic black or nude to bold, bright hues and intricate patterns. Many dancers view their shoes as a key part of their performance outfit (for Cuban Son Suelta for example), and they carefully select the perfect pair to match their costume and showcase their personal style. If you are in Australia, don’t wait longer before getting your new Latin Shoes Australia!

Cuban Son Suelta

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