Cuban Salsa Tutorial For Beginners (& Online Videos tutorial)

cuban salsa tutorial for beginners cover

Cuban Salsa Tutorial For Beginners (& Online Videos tutorial)

Cuban Salsa Tutorial For Beginners - Learn How to Dance Salsa

Cuban Salsa Tutorial For Beginners – Always wanted to learn Cuban Salsa online? But not  sure where you could learn it? Well, we created a series of 10 videos (still loading as we write) about Cuban salsa tutorial for beginners! Hope you like it!

Cuban Salsa Tutorial For Beginners

Who are these Salsa dancing tutorials for?

Anyone who want to learn how to dance Cuban Salsa. We have a full list of tutorials, and will upload more !

No prior dance experience required. You will,  however, need to have an understanding of rhythm and understand how to count the beat!

Let’s Get started!

latin dance All about latin dancing Cuban Salsa Tutorial For Beginners

Types of Salsa dancing

There is different type of salsa:

  • Cuban Salsa (the one we will see in this video)
  • LA Salsa
  • Salsa on 1
  • Salsa on  2
  • Cali salsa
  • Colombian Salsa

What are we going to learn in these tutorials?

You will learn in this beginner series the following:

  • Basic Step
  • Enchufla
  • Paseala
  • Vacilala
  • Setenta
  • Enchúfela doble y Sombrero
  • Guapea
  • Close position
cuban salsa tutorial for beginners cover

Without further ado,let’s get started with our first video: Cuban Salsa Basic Step!

Cuban Salsa tutorial for beginners | Basic Step

Salsa Dancing Tips For Men & Women

When you are starting a new dance, learning how to lead and follow can be challenging. Our first advice is to be gentle with yourself!

Learning how to lead can take a bit of time, but it will be a rewarding exercise. You will be able to learn your new skills for any other partner dance.

1- Be gentle with yourself

2- Be gentle with your partner. Avoid to grab her hands and squash her fingers.

3- Always try to anticipate where and what is the next step

4- Practice these basic step over and over again. There is no shame in practicing your basic step often. This will be the foundation of your dance!

5- Try to hold your frame while dancing!

Cuban Salsa Tutorial For Beginners | Enchufla

Salsa Dancing Tips For Enchufla

When leading Enchufla, try to lead with your full body, not just with your hands. 

The more indication you give to you dance partner, the easier she will be able to follow your Salsa lead!

Salsa Body Movement Tips

Body movement is extremely important in Cuban Salsa. We would recommend to do some exercises first trying to move your shoulders and shimmy without moving. Learn how to dissociate your shoulder movement to your whole body.

Do not try to do a big shimmy at first. The goal is to learn how to control your body and muscle that moves your shoulders!

More Salsa Tutorial Video Are Coming!

In the meantime, we added some Cuban Salsa intermediate steps and Son Cubano Dance Video for you!

Cuban Salsa Step - Guapea La Ultima Con Suelta Y Guapea

Common mistakes that beginners do in cuban salsa


  1. Being too tense: Many beginners tend to be too tense and stiff when dancing Cuban salsa. This can make it difficult to move fluidly and follow the rhythm of the music.

  2. Not maintaining a good connection with their partner: Cuban salsa is a partner dance, so it’s important to maintain a good connection with your partner throughout the dance. This includes maintaining eye contact, keeping a light but firm hold, and being aware of your partner’s movements.

  3. Failing to keep in time with the music: Cuban salsa is a dance that is closely tied to the rhythm of the music. Beginners may struggle to find the beat or keep in time with the music, which can lead to awkward and disjointed movements.

  4. Not using proper salsa footwork: Footwork is an important aspect of Cuban salsa, and beginners may not be familiar with the correct steps and movements. This can lead to confusion and make it difficult to follow the dance.

  5. Being too focused on performing complex salsa moves: Many beginners are eager to try out complex moves, but they may not yet have the basic steps and movements down. This can lead to frustration and a lack of progress.

  6. Forgetting to have fun while salsa dancing: While it’s important to focus on technique and form, it’s also important to remember that Cuban salsa is a social dance meant to be enjoyed. Beginners may get too caught up in trying to perfect their moves and forget to relax and have fun.



Bailando Casino Salsa – Cuban Salsa Intermediate Step


Other tips for salsa dancing

  • Practice your salsa step in front of a mirror
  • Listen to salsa music everywhere you go, so you get use of this specific patterns and instruments.
  • Always break down complex salsa dance moves into smaller components and dance steps. It will help you learn them better and be able to create new variations easier
  • Always practice your basic! Again, no shame in practicing your salsa basic steps over and over. If you want to be great at salsa dancing, you will need to practice the basics over and over!

How to Salsa dance with Music

Cuban Salsa Tutorial For Beginners

Which Latin Dance Is Easiest To Learn?

What Is Cuban Salsa?

Cuban Salsa Dance

Cuban salsa, also known as casino, is a popular social dance that originated in Cuba. It is known for its fluid and lively movements, and its emphasis on improvisation and musicality. In this blog post, we will be exploring the basics of Cuban salsa, with a step-by-step tutorial for beginners.

Rueda De Casino

Rueda de Casino is a type of salsa dance that originated in Cuba in the 1950s. It is a group dance that involves multiple couples dancing in a circle, with partners switching rapidly in response to calls from a “caller.” The dance incorporates many of the same basic steps and moves as Cuban salsa, but adds an extra layer of complexity by involving multiple couples in synchronized patterns.

In Rueda de Casino, a leader (usually a man) will call out a series of moves, and the dancers in the circle will perform them in unison. The moves can include anything from simple turns and spins to more complex patterns and lifts. The caller will often switch up the moves and combinations, keeping the dancers on their toes and requiring quick reactions and communication.

Rueda de Casino Dance

What is Cuban Son Dance?

Cuban Son is a traditional dance and music style that originated in the eastern provinces of Cuba in the late 19th century. It is a fusion of African and European musical and dance elements, and is considered one of the foundational styles of modern salsa music and dance.

The music of Cuban Son is characterized by its syncopated rhythms, polyrhythmic percussion, and call-and-response vocals. The dance is a partner dance, and is typically danced in a closed embrace with the partners facing each other. The steps of the dance are smooth and flowing, with an emphasis on footwork and hip movement.

One of the key elements of Cuban Son is its improvisational nature. The dance is not choreographed, but rather is an expression of the music and the relationship between the partners. The dancers must be able to read each other’s movements and respond to the changes in the music, creating a dynamic and fluid dance experience.

Cuban Son is often performed in social settings, such as parties, festivals, and community gatherings. It is a popular dance style both in Cuba and around the world, and has influenced many other genres of music and dance, including salsa, cha-cha, and mambo.

What is Cuban Son Dance?

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Cuban Salsa Tutorial For Beginners

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Cuban Salsa Tutorial For Beginners

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Cuban Salsa Tutorial For Beginners

latin dance All about latin dancing Cuban Salsa Tutorial For Beginners

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Cuban Salsa Tutorial For Beginners

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