Cuban Salsa Step: Guapea With Suelta

Cuban Salsa Step

Cuban Salsa Step: Guapea With Suelta

Cuban Salsa Step: Guapea With Suelta

Cuban Salsa Step: Guapea Con La Ultima With Salsa Suelta

Cuban Salsa Step by the amazing Carlos Rafael Gonzalez & Marilyn!
Here is the video of the salsa dance class o January 24.

Cuban Salsa Step

In the first part of the Video, Carlos explain this Cuban Salsa step and count the beat. On the second part, you will see the full demonstration with the music and how it is suppose to look like!

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Cuban Salsa moves name:

  • Guapea Con la Ultima Y Salsa Suelta
  • La rosca


0:00 Cuban Salsa Step Explanation with timing
0:37 Cuban Salsa Step Demonstration with Music

What is Guapea in Salsa Cubana?

Guapea is a basic step in salsa dancing that typically serves as the foundation for many other steps and patterns. It is often considered the starting point for many salsa routines and is typically the first step taught to beginners. The step involves a basic forward and back motion where the leader steps forward with their left foot and the follower steps back with their right foot. This creates the basic rhythm of salsa music and sets the foundation for more complex moves and turns. Guapea is usually performed in a “slot” formation, where the dancers move along a linear path, and is usually the starting point for a salsa social dance.


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What is Salsa Suelta?

Salsa suelta is a style of salsa dancing where the dancers do not hold on to each other, but instead dance independently while still following the rhythm and timing of the music. It is also known as “freestyle salsa” or “salsa shines.” The focus is on individual footwork and body movement, rather than partnerwork. It is a popular style of salsa dancing in Latin American countries and in salsa clubs around the world.

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What Is Salsa Cubana?

Salsa Cubana, also known as Casino, is a style of salsa that originated in Cuba. It is characterized by its use of multiple turns, quick footwork, and complex body movement. In contrast to salsa suelta, Salsa Cubana is typically danced with a partner and involves a lot of interaction between the partners through the use of complex patterns and footwork.


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It is a very dynamic and energetic dance, that often include a lot of spins and fancy footwork, and it is usually danced in a close embrace. It’s a very popular style in Latin America and also around the world, where people enjoy it in salsa clubs, social events, and competitions.

Mixing Salsa Cubana & Salsa Suelta to get the best of both world!


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8 Basics Cuban Salsa Steps

Here are 8 basic steps in Cuban Salsa (also known as Casino):

  1. Guapea: The basic step that sets the foundation for many other moves. It involves a simple forward and back motion.
  2. Dile que no: A basic turn where the leader steps forward and the follower steps back and then turns.
  3. Enchufla: A basic turn where the leader and follower exchange positions by turning under each other’s arm.
  4. Sombrero: A turn where the leader and follower circle each other while keeping hold of each other’s hand.


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  5. Vacilala: A step where the leader and follower both spin in place.
  6. Setenta: A turn where the leader and follower exchange positions by turning under each other’s arm and then adding an additional turn.
  7. Exhibela: A step where the leader and follower perform a series of turns and spins while maintaining a close embrace.
  8. Guagua: A step where the leader and follower perform a series of quick footwork and body movement.

It’s important to note that these are basic steps, there are many variations and combination of the steps that can be made. It’s also important to have a good understanding of the rhythm and timing of the music, to make the dance more enjoyable and smooth.


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Cuban Salsa Step

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Cuban Salsa Step

Cuban Salsa Step

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