Cuban Salsa Beginners #ILOVEMONDAYS – Salsa Dance classes Gold Coast

Timetable Passada Dance Updated

Cuban Salsa Beginners #ILOVEMONDAYS – Salsa Dance classes Gold Coast

Cuban salsa dance classes

Salsa Dance Classes

Here’s the #IloveMondaysClub in full swing!

So awesome to meet so many new faces! A lot of these guys had never danced before and look what they achieved after just 1 hour! Super proud guys!! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Salsa Dance Classes

If you’re having a case of FOMO then you’ve got a second chance to join us next Monday at 6.30pm and if you’re new to our community then your first beginner’s class is on us!

All ages and levels welcome!

Beginners Cuban Salsa

✅ When: every Monday & Thursdays

✅ Time: 6.30-730pm

✅ Website:

Looking for latin dance shoes?

Lessons in a professional but FUN & relaxed setting with friendly qualified instructors

Dancing is supposed to be fun! If you’ve always wanted to learn how to dance but have found it to be intimidating, then it’s high time you join PASSADA. Simply walk in through our doors and we’ll have someone waiting there for you with warm and welcoming smiles. When you join our dance classes, we make sure that you’ll feel at home, and it may even feel like you’ve known us for years!

You don’t just learn steps and moves. It’s not just steps; it’s about offering a cultural experience. You will learn the dance PLUS a bit about the culture from which the dance derives

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